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San Diego Softwash Pressure Washing, Laurel Street, San Diego, CA, USA

About San Diego Softwash

    At San Diego SoftWash, we know your home is important to you, and we are here to help you take great care of it. We offer a wide range of exterior house washing services that will keep every part of your exterior looking great and ensure it remains in excellent condition.

    For our exterior house washing services, we use a method known as SoftWashing. We will first treat the target area with a specialized, water-based, biodegradable cleaning solution that will loosen the dirt and grime, making it easier to remove, as well as kill any mold, mildew, algae, or other contaminants that may be present. After that, we will spray down the surface with water, using gentle pressure, to wash all the grime away and leave your home looking like new.

    San Diego Softwash

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    San Diego Softwash Pressure Washing, Laurel Street, San Diego, CA, USA

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