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San Diego Spotlights was born out of Tess Booker’s unwavering commitment to love God, love herself, and love others. As an accomplished author, a dedicated coach, and a thriving entrepreneur, Tess’s journey is a testament to her resilience and passion for life.

Homeschooling her children, Tess used her time to fill the gaps by nurturing various small businesses. Over 15 years, she embarked on a profound self-discovery, seeking solutions for her health and well-being while harmonizing the demands of family and work life. Through numerous challenges, mistakes, and struggles, Tess learned valuable lessons, ultimately unlocking her self-worth and embracing the ebbs and flows of life.


My Story

Tess’s mission is to empower mindful small business owners to navigate life and entrepreneurship with grace and ease. She excels at bridging the gap between emotional well-being and return on investment (ROI). Recognizing the intricate dynamics of business, both online and offline visibility, Tess founded San Diego Spotlights as a platform to support small businesses, non-profits, and the vibrant community she calls home.

Driven by cutting-edge technology and innovation, Tess is committed to cultivating future leaders and providing small businesses with the tools to optimize their time and resources, resulting in increased leads and influence while continuing to serve others.

Join Tess Booker on this transformative journey as she illuminates the path for entrepreneurs to thrive in the modern world. San Diego Spotlights is more than a platform; it’s a beacon of hope, guidance, and opportunity for those ready to shine.

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